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At RT Dental, we strive to provide you with an excellent experience each time you visit our office, and staying updated on the latest technology helps us do this. Dr. Tom invests in the latest dental technology to ensure your comfort and to deliver more effective treatment procedures. Read on to learn more about the dental technology you'll find at RT Dental.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are an invaluable tool that we use to determine what's happening in your mouth. These images are a benefit to our patients because they are available for review immediately, and they emit 80 percent less radiation than x-rays taken in the past. 

They are a benefit for Dr. Tom because they provide a more precise image for diagnosing and discussing any treatment needs with specialists, if necessary. They also leave no footprint on the environment since there are no chemicals needed for development.

Televisions in Treatment Rooms

At RT Dental, you'll find televisions in all of our treatment rooms whose purpose is two-fold. Dr. Tom can show you x-rays and photos of your teeth and mouth on the screen, which makes it easy to discuss your treatment needs. Seeing these images allows you to make educated decisions about your oral health.

If you are coming to RT Dental for a dental procedure, you may decide to enjoy your favorite program during your treatment to help you relax and feel comfortable.

Rotary Endodontics

Root canal therapy has endured a bad reputation for being painful. This couldn't be further from the truth since root canals eliminate your pain, and modern dentistry has made the procedure even more comfortable with rotary endodontic tools. 

You need a root canal when your tooth is infected, and rotary tools make the procedure quicker because they are electric and more comfortable because they are made of flexible nickel titanium. Dr. Tom can easily navigate the canals of your tooth with rotary endodontic tools and remove the infected tissue, which eliminates your pain.

Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and efficient root canal therapy can be.

Intraoral Camera

They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Can you imagine this to be true in the world of dentistry? Well, it is! The intraoral camera is an innovative device that allows us to capture clear, full-color photos of your teeth and mouth. You will be able to understand why you need a dental filling or crown when you see it on a color photo.

Dr. Tom will discuss these photos with you during your first examination, and we also take pictures of your mouth or teeth in the future if you have a specific concern.

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