Dentures and Partials in Nutley, NJ

Older couple smiling | RT DentalLiving with multiple missing teeth presents many challenges. Eating and chewing the foods you would typically enjoy can become difficult and even painful. You might also feel self-conscious about smiling or talking to others in social situations, which could take a toll on your job and relationships.

You don't have to live with the discomfort or embarrassment of missing or compromised teeth any longer! You should know that there are excellent solutions for replacing multiple missing teeth, and the team at RT Dental is here to help.

What Is a Partial?

Very similar to a puzzle piece, a partial denture uses customized prosthetic teeth to fill in the gaps caused by tooth loss. Your partial anchors to your healthy teeth with a metal or plastic clasp, but it can be removed easily for cleaning. Partials give you the function you need to eat and chew with ease again and restore the aesthetics you lost.

What Is a Full Denture?

A full denture is a removable appliance that is designed to replace an entire arch of missing or compromised teeth. You might be thinking of the dentures your grandparents wore long ago; however, we use acrylic to make today’s dentures, and we design them with more consideration about how they impact your facial structure and the aesthetics the final product will provide. The result is an appliance that looks and feels more natural and fits better than dentures of the past.

For some patients, it takes time to get used to eating and chewing with their new dentures as there can be movement with a removable appliance. However, the immediate benefits that dentures provide in restoring appearance and oral health outweigh any of their side effects for most people.

Implant-Supported Prosthetics

Dental implants can support prosthetics such as dentures, partials, and bridges. A few dental implants are carefully placed into your jawbone, and your prosthetic is designed to attach to them. Implants provide more stability and better support for denture wearers that eliminates any slippage that can occur with traditional removable dentures.Diagram of dentures

An additional benefit that dental implants in Nutley provide is protection for the health of your jawbone. Because implants keep your bone stimulated, you won’t have to worry about the deterioration that typically occurs with removable dentures. This provides better overall longevity for your denture.

Choosing the Best Option for Your Needs

Selecting the best option to restore your teeth and your oral health is a big decision. Dr. Richard Tom is happy to discuss your goals for your smile with you to help you determine which type of prosthetic may be best for your oral health, lifestyle, and budget. Give RT Dental a call today to learn more and schedule your appointment.